Jim Gilpin
By Jim Gilpin on September 13, 2023

Understanding CPI Insurance: How it Works and Why Lenders Need It

In today's dynamic market, lenders need to protect their collateral more than ever. For lenders offering vehicle loans, CPI Insurance is a worthy consideration as inflation continues and recession looms. 

Data indicates defaults increase during volatile markets. Additionally, unforeseen events such as accidents, thefts, or natural disasters can pose significant financial risks. That's where Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) comes into play. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of CPI insurance, exploring how it works and why it's essential for safeguarding vehicle collateral.


What is CPI Insurance?

Collateral Protection Insurance, or CPI insurance, is a type of coverage designed to protect lenders and borrowers in case a borrower's collateral (in this case, a vehicle) is damaged, stolen, or totaled. It acts as a safety net, ensuring that the lender's interests are safeguarded and the borrower remains financially secure in unforeseen circumstances.


How Does CPI Insurance Work?

When a vehicle is financed, the lender typically requires the borrower to maintain comprehensive and collision insurance. However, if the borrower fails to maintain this coverage or lets the insurance lapse, the lender has the right to protect its interests by force-placing CPI insurance on your vehicle. 

Force-placed CPI insurance ensures the lender's investment is covered, even when a borrower doesn’t have adequate insurance.


Key Features and the Importance of CPI Insurance

Comprehensive Protection: CPI insurance covers a wide range of risks, including theft, accidents, vandalism, and natural disasters, giving lenders peace of mind knowing their collateral is adequately protected.

Mitigating Financial Risk: CPI insurance is very low cost for the lender and helps to reduce walk-aways and repossessions.

Ensuring Compliance: When the need to force-place CPI insurance arises, lenders can ensure they are compliant with Miniter Group’s Borrower-CentricSM Insurance Tracking system. 



Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) is a valuable tool for protecting both lenders and borrowers in the realm of vehicle financing.

By understanding how CPI insurance works and recognizing its benefits, lenders can make informed decisions to safeguard their portfolio.

Published by Jim Gilpin September 13, 2023
Jim Gilpin