Jim Gilpin
By Jim Gilpin on January 25, 2023

Why Every Lender Needs Insurance Tracking

If insurance tracking leaves your team feeling overwhelmed, you aren’t alone.

While hundreds of organizations have streamlined their processes with Miniter Group’s proprietary Modern Insurance Tracking system, thousands more have yet to discover how to overcome the “data trap”.

As a rule, every lender needs insurance tracking. From our point of view, every lender deserves modern insurance tracking. Why?

  • It provides loan servicing with real-time document visibility.
  • It secures broker responsiveness.
  • It reduces the burden of your servicing costs.

Moreover, it delivers a solution that doesn't punish borrowers or lenders with failed lending; it solves for missed mailing deadlines, un-opened correspondence and incorrect data.

How Modern Insurance Tracking Can Reduce Loan Servicing Costs

As a lender, we know you must ensure your borrowers are compliant with all insurance requirements. 

For decades, this process has been tedious and riddled with compliance issues.

Luckily, modern insurance tracking provides simple visibility via an automated system that enables you to monitor policies in real-time. 

By streamlining tracking, your team reduces workload associated with manual processes such as document retrieval, data entry, and claims processing. 

They increase productivity and avoid potential compliance issues - and we know there are many compliance-related factors to contend with.

More Benefits of Modern Insurance Tracking 

Beyond your internal processes, you will see improved customer service as a result. 

Our technology ensures accuracy and consistency in documentation to create trust between lender and borrower.

By providing an efficient way to manage policy information in real-time, without fear of mistakes or potential reputation damage due to compliance failures, your team can stop viewing tracking as a burden, and rather an asset


Modern insurance tracking provides loan servicers with numerous benefits, from improved customer service to cost savings. 

By taking advantage of this technology, lenders can create trust between themselves and their borrowers while reducing the burden on their staffs’ workloads - all without worrying about reputation or compliance failures due to inaccurate information or lost documents. 

Learn more about our solution and join 750+ lenders who are already utilizing our modern insurance tracking.

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Published by Jim Gilpin January 25, 2023
Jim Gilpin