Jim Gilpin
By Jim Gilpin on December 13, 2021

Miniter Headquarters Virtual Tour

Here at Miniter Group we believe it is important for clients to experience the culture of our company through a tour of the headquarters.


Due to COVID-19 we are unable to make these tours possible in person, so please enjoy the virtual version of a visit to our office, located at 400 Hingham Street, Rockland MA.

EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Gilpin, introduces the fundamental areas of the office, including the server room, mail room, main tracking room and training room. He also touches on significant aspects of the company culture that live within the office space.

Learn about the security measures Miniter Group takes to ensure absolute safety, the mailroom procedures that allow for seamless tracking, and the high-tech server and network setup that allows our systems to remain running in case of emergency. Explore our break room, "coffee shop," Sports Lounge conference room, and even the inside lingo we use around our office.

Meet a few of our team members, including some of our executives. You'll hear about Arthur, the founder of Minter Group, and his "Top Shelf" standards.

Please feel free to reach out anytime and Ask Us Anything.

Published by Jim Gilpin December 13, 2021
Jim Gilpin