Jim Gilpin
By Jim Gilpin on May 31, 2023

Flood & RESPA Guidelines to Residential Insurance Tracking

Flood & RESPA Guidelines are relevant to all mortgage lenders. Insuring residential portfolios requires a combination of lender-placed insurance, blanket insurance for HELOCS and Condominiums as well as strict adherence to RESPA and Flood regulations.  


Protecting your borrower relationships requires proper use of advanced technology and well-trained tracking agents. 


Adherence to Flood & RESPA regulations not only reduces the risk of regulatory scrutiny, but it also better positions your organization for financial success in the Residential Market.


When RESPA was signed into law in December 1974, its intent was to provide consumers protection from abusive practices during the real estate settlement process.


It protects through education, regulation of escrow accounts, and prevention of kickbacks, as well as outlining mortgage servicing requirements that affect insurance tracking service providers, especially when it comes to force-placed insurance.

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Our Borrower-CentricSM Insurance Tracking system ensures compliance with Flood & RESPA regulations, while maintaining a good relationship with your borrowers. How?

  • It provides loan servicing with real-time document visibility.
  • It secures broker responsiveness.
  • It reduces the burden of your servicing costs.


Moreover, it delivers a solution that doesn't punish borrowers or lenders with failed tracking; it solves for missed mailing deadlines, un-opened correspondence and incorrect data.


Highlights Associated with Residential Insurance Tracking for Flood & RESPA Regulations:

  • Systematic Flood Insurance Compliance
  • Condominium Insurance Tracking
  • Blanket Non-SFHA HELOCS & Condos
  • Monthly Billing in Arrears
  • Outsource Escrow Payments
  • Tracking of Policy DEC Page Limits
  • Private Flood Insurance Processing
  • Customized Blanket Hazard Policies



Our underwriters have over 100 years combined experience designing mortgage hazard and flood policies exclusively for lenders. 

We manage these customized policies for over 750 lenders. Additionally, our Compliance Officer Emily Carr-Stephens is available to answer any questions you may have about regulations and beyond, even if you aren’t a client: Ask Us Anything.

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Published by Jim Gilpin May 31, 2023
Jim Gilpin