Emily Carr
By Emily Carr on September 01, 2023

Flood Compliance Q&A Webinar: September 14, 2023

Join us September 14th at 2pm EST as Miniter Group presents another complimentary webinar. We’ll be focusing on Flood Compliance in this Q&A-style session. I’ve outlined these 30-minutes to address your detailed compliance questions submitted from past webinars and general client inquiry. 

Registrants also have an option to add their question to the docket when signing up. If you can’t join us live, you can always watch the replay and submit your questions afterward.

Join us for real-time insights and an open discussion on the issues most affecting your compliance efforts.


Flood Compliance Q&A Agenda

Answering Your Pre-submitted Questions: The first 20 minutes are dedicated to discussing questions submitted by lenders like you. Expect comprehensive insights into the challenges you’re facing with regulation changes and more.

Live Open Q&A Session: Now's your chance to ask any questions that may pop up during our earlier discourse. I am ready to field your questions.

Who Should Attend:

  • Compliance Officers
  • Loan Servicing Managers
  • Consumer Risk Managers

Why Attend

Comprehensive Answers: Receive accurate, researched responses to your specific compliance questions (those submitted in advance).

Interactive Exchange: Engage with fellow lending professionals for a dynamic experience by asking questions in real time.

Stay Up to Date: Understanding the changes in regulation helps you avoid risk.

Joining the Flood Compliance Q&A webinar is easy. Register for the session and submit any question(s) you may have in the registration box. Whether you're looking for compliance clarity or industry insights, I know this webinar will be a good use of your time.


Miniter Group is dedicated to offering the most valuable resources to ensure you have the knowledge you need. As always you can reach out to us anytime with any type of question at all - not just flood compliance - by using our complimentary Ask Us Anything resource.

Published by Emily Carr September 1, 2023
Emily Carr