Emily Carr
By Emily Carr on November 17, 2022

Town Hall: Flood Compliance and Regulations for Loan Servicers

As a loan servicing professional, you know complying with flood regulations in 2022 is not easy.

Utilizing tools from industry professionals who provide their opinions and guidance regarding flood compliance programs is very helpful.

However, we understand you may occasionally have unique questions that just aren’t addressed in any expert’s regular blog content. 

In addition to that, we’re aware that many experts often have differing views on how flood compliance should be handled at lending institutions. 

So, how do you know what guidance is the most efficient, up-to-date, and in line with regulatory rulings?

We know how.

At Miniter, we have made it our goal to answer any and every question our loan servicing professionals may have, especially when it comes to those more unique questions.

Since no one person knows everything, the best way we ensure you get the most accurate and timely answers is by utilizing a panel of professionals and encouraging civil discourse to add context when necessary.

Town Hall for Loan Servicers: Q&A Topics

On January 10th, 2023, Miniter Group will host a Town Hall for Loan Servicers. During this event, our panel of industry experts will respond to real questions from lenders about:

  • Joint Agency Q&A Compliance
  • Private Flood Insurance and Risk Rating 2.0
  • Detailed Questions regarding Flood Insurance Tracking
  • Commercial Flood Tracking of Complex CRE loans
  • …and more!

This one-hour webinar will wrap up our four-part flood regulation webinar series and will focus on the nitty-gritty Q&As you really want to be clarified.

Most importantly, we’re giving you the opportunity to engage with industry experts and receive guidance about complying with flood insurance regulations. 

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This fall, Miniter Group will begin surveying lenders to gather data on what questions they have about flood compliance. 

Completed surveys will give us the ability to address the most pressing topics that lenders have questions about. If you’re currently seeking answers to questions about any of these topics, we hope you’ll take a few moments to complete the survey. Simply join our email list to receive the survey later this month.

If you prefer to submit questions to us here at Miniter, please do! Email us directly at ecarr@miniter.com.

Chosen questions will be presented to our panel of experts for their responses. 


If you are a loan servicing manager, compliance officer, or consumer risk manager, then our Town Hall for Loan Servicers Webinar is for you! Click here to view more details and reserve your complimentary seat.

In the meantime, subscribe to our blog and join our LinkedIn Group to stay up to date on all things regulatory. 

Published by Emily Carr November 17, 2022
Emily Carr